AMAZING & precise! Sharkoon Light2 200 gaming mouse

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The new Sharkoon Light2 200 is a performance gaming mouse retailing for $47 dollars in the US, 44 pounds in the UK, to be announced in Canada, and 1490nt here in Taiwan. Competitive gamers are always looking for a light mouse for long gaming sessions, and here is the answer. The Sharkoon Light2 200 has been taken down to a skeleton weight of just 62 grams, one of the lightest mice ever made.

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The Sharkoon Light2 200 asymmetrical design is sloped slightly to fit your hand, and there’s a matte finish to the top buttons. Left and Right mouse buttons are equipped with high-quality Omron switches, rated for an extra long-life cycle of over 20 million clicks. The design of the mouse is contoured for both smaller and larger hands, measuring 120 millimeters long by 66 wide and 42 mils tall. As I have larger hands, I didn’t find any issues with grip or control with this.

The Sharkoon Light2 200’s honeycomb swappable top

A honeycomb lattice takes the place of traditional top, side and bottom structure, shaving down the weight and reducing the structure to the bare-bones. This is the first ultra light weight mouse we’ve tested, coming in at only 62 grams. It’s super light under your fingers and there’s no resistance or fatigue from long gaming sessions.

And the Sharkoon Light2 200 has a modular design which you can personalize, you can change elements on the mouse body to suit your needs. The magnetically attached top honeycomb can be easily removed and swapped with a closed-type 3 gram alternative. The detachable top makes cleaning a breeze, too.

AMAZING & Precise! Sharkoon Light2 200 gaming mouse

The slim black button can be replaced with a same-sized blue, or a taller red button if you need it a bit higher. Highly precise, this mouse has a PixArt 3389 sensor capable of 16,000 DPI, at a 1000 Hertz polling rate. The PixArt 3389 is rated at 400 IPS and has a max acceleration of 50G, that’s g-force. The lift-off distance is just over a millimeter from the pad until it loses tracking, really excellent. Perfect control Speed is the value at which the mouse would appear to spin-out in game, and after trying we still couldn’t reach the Sharkoon Light2 200’s limit. Very good.

There’s a physical Polling rate switch beside the sensor, top is 1000 which flashes blue, middle is 500 hertz and flashes green, and bottom is 125 hertz and flashes red. The manual has the colors switched by accident I think for middle and bottom position, which we’ll bring up with Sharkoon. The top buttons provide a tactile click feel, with nominal pressure. The scroll wheel area has a matte surface, and the wheel itself has dual rubber outer rings, which allow the RGB to shine vertically through.


Silent scrolling wheel on the Sharkoon Light2 200

The wheel provides entirely silent scrolling, with slightly stronger notches than a competing mouse, with an audible click. Usually on gaming mice we see a solid rubber ring to the mouse wheel, so one of our concerns was with the bands slipping off. So for this design we tried some pry tests to see if the bands would come off easily, looks like they designed a deeper channel, so no, they don’t come off easily.

One single DPI button here, feels fairly responsive. Side buttons on the left only, and are glossy plastic, with a softer click. They feel like they are a little softer to press, with a little less force. The side buttons are positioned pretty naturally and fit my hand’s shape well, and are both easy to reach. The right hand side continues with the honeycomb pattern and gripping this mouse, it sits really well in hand, the honeycomb performs well during gaming sessions in our testing.

With five mouse feet including a circle around the sensor, all made of 100 percent PTFE, we found the experience to be super smooth, and with the light weight, it almost floated over our mouse pad.Furthermore, included in the box is an additional set of feet, so you can keep on gaming. It’s the small touches like this that may not cost a company that much more, but add a lot of value on the consumer side, and we really like this. Onto build quality, and we didn’t find any issues here, it’s really solid.


Considering other mice we’ve tested, now I’m thinking that zero creaking is what gaming mice should deliver, so we’re now raised the bar for gaming mice in this regard. Buttons are machined well and stable, with just a tiny amount of play in the top buttons, to be expected in physically separate pieces. In our review sample, the side forward button has just a tiny amount more play.

The 1.8 meter, 6 foot braided cable is fairly flexible loose-weave, no resistance. Ending in a gold plated USB connector, there’s a ferrite choke to cut interference and an on-cable rubber strap to tie up any length you want and keep things neat. We found customizing the programmable buttons was easy and straightforward. for the most important actions on each game. Five profiles allow different setups for flexibility, and the mouse has onboard memory to save those profiles and take them on the road.

The Sharkoon Light2 200 delivers excellent precision and ventilation

DPI settings are adjustable by increments of 50, from 50, all the way to 16000. You can adjust X and Y axis independently, also. Customizing your lighting effects is a breeze, as the Sharkoon Light2 200’s RGB is integrated with the scroll wheel as well as the front light bar. A variety of effects and colors can all be adjusted with software. There’s also Advanced settings which has adjustments to fine tune sensitivity, scroll and click speeds, and lift off distance. Finally Macro manager allows you to record, stop and save macros for in-game use.

We were wondering if we can take Profiles with us on the go, how can we switch them if there’s no button assignable in software? Well, looking at the documentation, in section 4, Shortcuts, you can:
1) change lighting effects by holding Forward and the right mouse button for 3 seconds.
2) Switch profile by holding Back and both left and right mouse buttons down for three seconds.
Profile 1 is red, 2 is green, 3 is blue, 4 is yellow and 5 is purple.
3) Reset to factory default by holding Forward and Back and scroll wheel down for 3 seconds


The Sharkoon Light2 200 is an exceptionally sturdy mouse with fantastic build quality, extremely light with excellent ventilation, with a top-end PixArt sensor, coming in at just under 50 bucks US. This is everything a pro-tier gamer needs in their arsenal. Since we don’t have the time to solder on connections or access to a high speed cam, in our objective testing, click latency is on par with other top gaming mice in side by side testing.

With easy to use software for button assignment, DPI, RGB and more, and a great feeling click response with ultra quiet mouse wheel scrolling and decent wheel and DPI click, this mouse is all set to perform in your hands. We found the Omron left and right nice and precise, and the PixArt sensor is super accurate, and all parts of this mouse are really well machined together, and the ventilation is great for sweaty hands, and you have the option for a solid cover if you want, along with changeable DPI button height and extra mouse feet included too.


Side buttons slightly soft on the Sharkoon Light2 200

As always we did our homework as we produced this episode, we saw a couple of other reviews where one complained about the build quality, no, it’s machined well, one wanted scroll wheel notches defined better, but this mouse has better steps then the Pulsefire Core we reviewed, link up there, so that’s not an issue either. If you want to feel notches when gaming, in my opinion this mouse has a good balance between usage and feeling those bumps. When frantically accessing weapons or inventory, I really don’t want to really muscle the wheel to the spot I want anyways.

One tester mentioned the loose weave braided cable isn’t ultra-flexible and has a little resistance. It’s true I wouldn’t call this ultra-flexible, it IS more flexible than most, with a slight bit of resistance. I really feel that with a 90 gram mouse, this wouldn’t really be noticed, it’s only because the mouse is so light that the small amount of resistance maybe feels more amplified. Is it the best cable ever? No, but it’s great and well matched to the unit.

Now, here’s the legitimate points. One, the side buttons are a bit on the soft side. They’re not mushy as that would imply a lack of definition or response, they’re just a bit soft. Two, the RGB LED skirt has a good brightness, but the mouse wheel could be a lot brighter.

If a selling point is the illuminated mouse wheel, let’s see it! In a dark room it’s okay, but in a bright room the wheel’s RGB is a bit hard to see. We would like to see the ability to set colors for different DPI profiles. However, a quick fix in software for the savvy, if Sharkoon put color blocks next to the DPI profiles, you could choose the color for each DPI setting pretty easily too.


The Sharkoon Light2 200 delivers excellent precision and customization

The Sharkoon Light2 200 gaming mouse delivers excellent precision, ventilation and customization all at a great price. If you’re wanting to jump into the big leagues, we definitely recommend this mouse as a top pick, and a great investment into better scores.

We strive to be as objective as possible, and while our testing and conclusion is based on what we saw, if you can, you should always go to the store to test out mice for your play style. That being said, this is a terrific mouse that’s built to last. If you pick one up, shopping through our affiliate links will help us here with no extra cost to you. And follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at techspinreview.

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