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 About Techspin

  Techspin was founded October 2016, and based in Taipei, Taiwan, we take video production seriously, producing content for large companies in Taiwan. We also produce YouTube episodes, where we examine the latest tech and give you honest reviews.
  In a unique position close to major tech companies, Techspin has access to brand new products, and we often make lists and buying guides about the best tech out there today.

 Quality. Speed. Reliability.

  This is so that you, the consumer, has all the information, and it’s all about saving you time and the stress of determining which one is right for you.
  Whatever you’re looking for, from PC peripherals to other gadgets, with our guides, shopping is easy as we showcase the best in that category. We also apply our tech knowledge to the other side of our business, professional video production for large companies.

 We research, learn, and analyse

  We are your go-to source for product information, and our reviews and how-to guides are born out of an appreciation for tech that takes gaming to the next level, delivers options or new features, and especially, about ones that make our lives easier.
  With extensive experience using, testing and working with all kinds of tech, our choices are made from informed research, testing, other reviews, user reports, and product feedback.
  Techspin follows a strict ethical code and maintains independence from our business operations, doing video production for large tech companies and more.
  Working with these companies we may obtain products for review; however, we retain full rights to correctly disclose all findings, good and bad, to our readers and viewers. Our decisions are made impersonally, and keeping the interests of the consumer first.

 How about commission bias?

  There’s no incentive in recommending sub-par products or giving in to manufacturers’ requests. Accurate reviews keep us pushing forward and holds our reputation as a trusted source.  We also include disclaimers if we’re workingwith the company, as we maintain transparency and fairness.
  The trust we receive by delivering accurate product reviews and obseravations to the consumer is most important. We update articles as new information is found, and spend lots of time researching, comparing, and testing.

 Focused on just the best, then?

  Not at all. While the shiny-est tech filled gadgets are interesting, we focus on great choices for consumers, especially those with excellent quality and durability.  Research takes both expertise and hard work, tons of which goes into every article and episode we produce.
  We also talk with industry talent and engineers to ensure we have all the facts. Techspin will recommend some best-in-class as well as mid-tier and budget options, but we will not recommend sub-par products, nor overpriced or filled with useless features.
  Our views on products are what we’d buy for ourselves and our friends, and we stand behind our recommendations.

 Didn't find the review you need?

  While we’re still growing, sometimes we branch out and cover more areas, just hit us up on Twitter or email us with your ideas and suggestions. We love tech and answer a lot of reader questions, so we may be able to cover your request in a future episode, give you a little help, or find the answers you need!

 Contact Techspin Review

  At Techspin Media, we have a passion for creativity, conveying your idea, and delivering quality. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, we’re always open to tackling new ideas and challenges, and we deliver results that impress, at a price that’s cost-effective.

  Please contact us for video production work or YouTube collaborations for new products. We look forward to working with you! Website promotion/services emails will be automatically deleted.


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