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Updated 02/14/2023 0019h

You need your project ready to go, right now!

  There’s a deadline, a marketing plan, a product or service that you need the world to know about, sooner rather than later. Your schedule is cram packed and you need someone you can trust, someone who can visualize and deliver exactly what you need. Wouldn’t it be great if you could fast forward to the part where you have your finished video in hand, ready to release?

  Producing a quality, engaging and persuasive video doesn’t just happen. It takes time, skill, effort and money. But not doing it can cost much more, such as lost opportunity, lost market share, loss of momentum, and more.

Techspin Media is the team you're looking for.

  Highly experienced with all aspects of media production, 4K filming, portrait and 10-bit video, Techspin Media brings your vision to life and delivers what you need inside agreed deadlines. We’re lean, fast and accurate, with high attention to detail. Creating media for clients like you (in addition to our fast growing YouTube channel), we continually optimize methods and processes to create high quality and engaging media in a timely and cost effective manner.

  Take the guesswork out of whether your next project will be as good as you hope. Contact us now for a free consultation and let’s discuss your requirements.

Photo & Video

Taken from our Gigabyte G34WQC review, this is just one example of the lighting, composition and camera angles we put into everything we touch. See 4K image here

Portrait videos, MSI Computex 2019

MSI contracted us to release 3 Instagram Videos the first 3 days of Computex 2019.  An on-location shoot, we pre-wrote script, brought all gear into Computex and began our shoot on setup day while all booths were still setting up, and with no A/C in the middle of summer.  Techincally and physically challenging, we met our target release time, within 16 hours for the first video, and delivered ahead of time for the following two shorts. 


With proper 5500K 95%>CRI LED lighting, videos look great, like this technically challenging setup we produced for Advantech.  A five light setup without glare casted on the shiny monitor; located just out of frame we setup a webcam linked to a laptop running the software, wired to the monitor- the camera on top is for show.  We produced captions for this and many other Advantech videos.

Part of our How to Build a PC guide we produced for MSI, we demonstrate the difference between RGB vs ARGB motherboard headers.  We did full production of all 10 parts of this, as well as an Intro to PC guide which you can see here. We wrote technical scripts, did all filming, audio, video editing, all 2D graphics and titles, and delivered all videos within 15 days.

Techspin Media - Portfolio

    Lots of planning went into filming Azza’s booth at Computex 2022, filmed on location at Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei, Taiwan. We wrote script and numerous full and close-up shots of each product were listed. Getting in early morning, we setup as was ready before our actor, Tom, arrived, and we got him wired and started, and we finished all of his shots by lunch.
    Filming until the end of day, we got all our planned shots and many extras as well.  We organized staff, handled transportation, all equipment including a dual camera setup, wireless HDMI+monitor, lighting, audio, and a teleprompter for our actor. For post, we handled video editing, graphics and sound design. AZZA said they were very happy with the final result.


Lian Li: 2022 Product Lineup (Micro Center)

Script, Storyboard, Hosting, Filming, Sound, Software/Screen Capture, 2D Graphics, Captions, Video Editing

 This non-public, internal training video for Microcenter staff was initiated by BLKSoda, for Lian Li.   The video entailed filming cases, new products which were under NDA, and software capture.  We wrote the script, did hosting, and filmed in 4K in our studio in Taipei, Taiwan, with several challenging shots with the case glass side panels.  Handling sound, we did editing and all production for a fast turnaround including a few client revisions for text alterations.


 VIA wanted a futuristic styled promo video for their new SFF Development Kit, the SOM-9X35. Products were filmed in studio. We did 3D animation in After Effects, 2D animation, and handled several revisions that VIA requested. Full production run, from filming to final.


 We had a possible contract with an online retailer, so in 24 hours we sourced staff and our actress Alice, scripted, filmed and edited a 30-second clip to demo for them.  The client was very impressed with both the quality and extremely fast turnaround; we’re still in talks with them as they get established in a new market. Filmed in studio, with lots of props brought in to add color and complement the actress.


 We approached MSI with this video concept June 2021 as we found issues while upgrading our hardware to Win11 insider build beta, and it turned out to be one of our most viewed Techspin videos of 2021!  Building on that knowledge and adding lots more useful info we discovered after our own episode, we produced a much more detailed and better structured version for MSI. Full production run, from script to final.


 XMG wanted a real eye-catching video for their first-of-its-kind water cooled laptop and outboard pump radiator unit. A special effect water shot was needed for the ending shot, and setup and execution for that one shot took a couple of hours.  Music was picked by us, and video edited to match.  Added text graphics and delivered ahead of time.  The XMG German head office feedback was that they were impressed.


 Previous to this episode, Pro Cast filming and post production was handled by another studio, and although we handled script storyboard and hosting, the recorded video quality drastically varied per episode, never reaching above good.  Now, full production of Pro Cast shifted to us; we also built the set, and rewired/glued/removed rust and repainted bits of the Pro Cast sign. 

In this MSI episode, we showed an overview of MSI’s new MAG Infinite S3 11th, along with how to upgrade various components in the future. Full production run, from script to final.


 The producer needed to bring a primary video edit and a separate orchestral score, ADR dialogue, background sound effects, and some challenging raw dialogue, to the finish line.  We did sound mixing for the entire project, recovered an actor’s dialogue from noisy audio, and created opening and ending credits, the final was a 10-bit 1080p file.  We also cut the trailer, doing full editing and production on the short trailer above.


 The Azza “Overdrive” Installation tutorial video was filmed on location in Neihu, Taipei at the end of April 2021 with minimal crew and we provided the angles and RGB scene lighting, case assembly was done by site staff.  Filmed in 4K over just 6 hours, and turn around was a week for delivery, produced for BLKSoda in Taipei, Taiwan. Handled transportation and equipment, filming, lighting, production, sound design and editing.


BlkSoda | Lian Li 2021 Product Lineup (Micro Center)

Script, Storyboard, Hosting, Filming, Sound, 2D Graphics, Video Editing

 This non-public, internal training video for Micro Center staff was contracted by BLKSoda, for Lian Li.   The video entailed filming 11 different cases in our studio, and introducing new products which were under NDA, but have since been released.  We wrote the script, did hosting, and filmed in 4K in our studio in Taipei, Taiwan, with several challenging shots with the case glass side panels.  Handling sound, we did editing and all production for a fast two week turnaround including a few client revisions for text alterations.



MSI Computex 3x Portrait Instagram Videos

2 Week Pre-Planning Script, Storyboard; On-location Portrait 4K Filming, Hosting, Sound, 2D Graphics, Rush 24H Video Editing Turnaround


Quality. Speed. Reliability.

At Techspin Media, we have a passion for creativity, conveying your idea, and delivering quality. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, we’re always open to tackling new ideas and challenges, and we deliver results that impress, at a price that’s cost-effective. Please contact us for video production work or YouTube collaborations for new products. We look forward to working with you! Website promotion/services emails will be automatically deleted.