GREAT performance? MSI Clutch GM30 gaming mouse

GREAT performance? MSI Clutch GM30 gaming mouse

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This MSI Clutch GM30 is a mid-tier gaming mouse, retailing for under $55 usd, in the UK about 40 pounds, around 95 celine dions, and 1390nt in Taiwan at time of publication. The MSI Clutch GM30 is double-injection moulded with a symmetrical design and U-shaped lighting accent around the central stripe and DPI button. If you grab one, please use our affiliate links for
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Oh, if you’re looking for something to match with this, we’ll throw the link up for the MSI GK50LP gaming keyboard that we just reviewed, feel free to check that link and c’mon back for the rest of this review when you’re done.


MSI Clutch GM30 has decent grip

The MSI Clutch GM30’s gunmetal grey top matte finish has decent grip, also matching other components on offer in MSI’s lineup. Measuring 128 millimeters long by 62 wide and 35 mils high, this mouse is a little longer which fits medium to larger hands well, a low profile design which fits into the bottom of the palm.

The main buttons are OMRON switches with over 20 million click lifespan,/ and the sensor is a PixArt PAW-3327 optical type, with 6200 DPI precision, 1000 hertz poll rate. The 3327 handles 220 IPS or Inches per second, over 5.5 meters a second, and up to 30G, as in G-force. During testing we found the lift-off distance is roughly 3 to 4 millimeters from the pad until it loses tracking, and it’s Perfect Control Speed is high enough that we couldn’t hit the MSI Clutch GM30’s limit to make it spin-out in game, that’s very good.


All 6 buttons machined well on the MSI Clutch GM30

The left side buttons are shaped into a ridge, and take a normal amount of pressure to trigger, with a tactile kind of feel. The top of the mouse has a V type spacer design between the palm-rest and the main buttons. It’s visually striking, and helps to frame the extra middle lighting accent.

MSI has this Dragon scale texture for the sides, which has a grippy texture, and in testing it turned out to perform really well. Scrolling with the wheel does make a bit of noise, with pronounced notches. Good rubber covering the wheel, and very little travel is needed to click down the wheel. The mouse comes with a 2 meter TPE cable, ending with a rubber strap and gold plated connector. And this mouse is quoted at 98 grams, and it looks like with cable, it hits 98 grams.


MSI Clutch GM30’s weight distribution

This is middleweight mouse territory, lightweight goes to 95 grams, and heavyweight starts at 110 grams and up. MSI’s warranty varies per region. This mouse is really solid with zero flex or creaks. noise and the mouse buttons have a decent response.

All 6 buttons have a nominal amount of wobble, they appeared to be machined well and we didn’t find any issues there. The DPI button is slightly stiffer and springy-er, with a very angular design, and even though the button itself sits up a little high, because it’s in the U shaped valley, overall it actually sits lower. Anyways, it’s not hard to locate. The mouse flashes a different color with each DPI mode.

Last up is glide testing. The feet on the mouse glide well. Due to the weight distribution in the mouse, you can see the front swings out. After a quick update in Dragon Center, the mouse was detected just fine. We’ve explored MSI’s Dragon Center a bit already in recent videos, so we’ll just show you the options for the 9 different light effects. We’ll also note the DPI goes from 200 to 6200 in steps of 100, with the defaults at 400, 800, 1600, 3200 and 6200. Also, if you wish you can change polling rate from 1000 hertz down to 500, 250 and 125 hertz.


The MSI Clutch GM30 offers excellent performance in this slightly longer, low profile 6 button gaming mouse. We liked the gaming performance, and the U-shaped RGB accent is unique and looks good. Build quality was rock-solid, and the gunmetal grey fits in with MSI’s lineup, also looking very good standalone. MSI’s Dragon Scale side grip design actually worked very well, kind of surprisingly very effective, and good to see at the price of 55 bucks.

The feet are done well, able to glide across the mat nicely, and most importantly, the OMRON left and right buttons feel responsive, with an audible click. The top cover V shape cutout is unique and gives an option for variety in the market, nice. So overall, the mouse with its PixArt PAW-3327 sensor is a pretty well put together package.


Performance is here on the MSI Clutch GM30

We usually talk about things we think could be improved here, in this case it’s important to talk about testing impressions and a small bit of design. So the first thing will be that this mouse is front heavy. This may be just fine for some users, this might suit RPG gaming better than shooter games, perhaps. I’ve owned a few front heavy mouse including some Thermaltake ones with adjustable weights, and had no issues playing through Mass Effect and Borderlands, so this may come down to your preference.

If having a TPE type cord is what you like, or having braiding doesn’t matter, then this may be fine, but this mouse cable isn’t as flexible as we had hoped. In testing, we felt it added a tiny amount of resistance to usage. And the ridge design on the left side buttons would likely show the first signs of wear. I’ve handled a LOT of electronics, and it’s the edges which always get rubbed off first with usage. Also I’d wonder if the ridge would end up pressing a line into your thumb over time.


On the good side, we were really surprised the sides grips worked as well as they did, and the total functionality and design work well in hand. There are many options at this price range, we’ll throw a list up here of recent testing, though this MSI Clutch GM30 has a design with its own appeal. If you grab one through our affiliate links below, it does support us here with no extra cost to you.

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