Budget, but BADASS $50 Logitech G305 Lightspeed / G304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

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When you’re selecting your gaming mouse, for many the shape, weight and especially accuracy is most important. For wireless, low latency is incredibly important, and Logitech’s G Pro Wireless hits all those marks, coming in at just 80 grams, and rocking a top-tier Hero 25K sensor with 60 hours of playtime. But that mouse launched at 150 bucks, which is insane! Though now you can find it for around the 120 mark.

Today we’ll show you the Logitech G305 Lightspeed / G304 Lightspeed in some territories, a 50 dollar option which swings at nearly the same high bar, has quadruple, yeah, four times the battery life, at about a third of the price.

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G305 Lightspeed: Wireless mouse for gaming?

So the G305 Lightspeed has received a color update, Logitech’s doubled down on a tried and tested design, they brought out colors like this blue, lilac, white and a limited edition KDA version. It’s clear this is a cut-down version from their flagship, with no right side buttons or RGB, but the Hero 12,000 DPI sensor that does 400 IPS and 40G is better than average. And this has some heft to it, but there are some tricks to lighten the 100 gram load, and it’s not too big, fitting most hand sizes. Working with Logi’s G Hub software, it’s an above average gaming mouse, let alone wireless gaming mouse, with excellent tracking.

Budget, but BADASS $50 Logitech G305 Lightspeed / G304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

This shape actually mimics the best-selling G Pro wired version directly, and it’s cheap too, at just under 50 bucks though we scored a deal for 35 somehow. At 117mm long and 62 wide including grip, this should fit all but the smallest hands with relative comfort. And the classic shape is good for finger and claw grips, and for larger hands the palm grip fits my hand, well, perfectly.

If you’re coming from an old tanky mouse, the G305 Lightspeed’s 100g weight may not be noticeable, though with our new scale with lightweight 80g and below, and middleweight ranging to 100g, this just taps heavyweight territory. Apart from that, the weight distribution is towards the front, making the front skew out a bit going side to side, though the PTFE feet help it glide pretty well for the heft.

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G305 Lightspeed/G304 Lightspeed, the rundown

The Hero 12K sensor feels snappy and responsive, and we didn’t find any glaring issues during a little game play. The main left and right buttons are snappy with no pre-travel and are rated for 10 million clicks. The scroll wheel hits 30mm high and is very accurate with well defined bumps for selection, and down click is slightly stiffer than main buttons so you won’t accidentally press it.

The DPI button has a stock 4 settings but you can have 5, and there’s onboard memory for one full profile, and the LED shows different colors for each setting. The G305 Lightspeed’s thin ridge style left side buttons are easy to hit, your thumb naturally rests just below them and they are machined well, no wobble and taking average force to press.

Sliding the top cover down, there’s the included double A battery, as well as the dongle and storage spot. The cover is machined well and pretty snug, doesn’t seem it’ll come off accidentally.

So by my reckoning, the only thing separating this really good G305 Lightspeed from being an exceptional wireless gaming mouse is the weight. While Thingverse has some super cool shell mods which can dramatically lower the weight so sub 70g, not everyone has access to 3D printing, so let’s focus on…

<Enters the Matrix>
What’s built, and in our control, in order to change a human being… into this. *Holds up a battery* </Matrix>

G305 Lightspeed Diet time- A battery mod

Changing the alkaline battery to a lithium battery shaves off about 7 grams, which is a start. However using a rechargeable nickel metal hydride in a triple-A size with an adapter like this can cut down weight by 12 to 14 grams.

This will reduce wireless run-time to about the 100 hour mark, however it’s definitely better for the environment and arguably saves you trips to buy batteries. Or find them again when you need them.


So changing down to a triple-A brings the 45 dollar G305 Lightspeed almost to the same weight as the 120 dollar Logitech G Pro, with very similar handling and feeling, and you get to keep around 80 more bucks in your pocket.

Still, a lot of engineering and the headline Hero 25K sensor is part of the reason why you’d want to spend that much more- if you’re the kind of person who thinks that size of sensor will provide a tangible benefit to your gameplay, no jugdement here.

Just to touch on software, Logitech’s G Hub does provide good customization, and although you guys may have a love/hate relationship with it, we find it’s fairly intuitive and let’s you set what you want quickly.

G305 Lightspeed software, some thoughts…

If you don’t necessarily need wireless, we’ll put the link up here for the HyperX Pulsefire Core, it’s a sweet deal for 30 bucks with a 6.4K sensor, RGB and great handling, and it’s stayed our daily driver for awhile now, it’s an underrated gaming mouse. Actually the size and shape are very similar to the G305 Lightspeed, so we may change that up here.

You may also be looking at the G203 Lightsync, also called G102 Lightsync depending on country, with an 8K sensor and sweet RGB, and we did a review of that not too long ago. However the shape is different and it’s a slightly smaller mouse, so for larger hands, palm grip may not be comfortable. Overall though it’s great for a hair under 40 bucks.

We’re pretty impressed by this G305 Lightspeed, with a way-above average sensor, ergonomic grip that feels right, great button response, different color LED per DPI profile, and the color doesn’t hurt either. The fact this is a gaming mouse, and it’s wireless, for 50 bucks? Whhaaaaaaat?


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We still wish Logitech will just keep the same model number across countries, is that so hard? G304 and G305 Lightspeed are the same thing, can’t we just pick one already? If you grabbed this one, does the weight bother you, or did you battery or fully mod it? Or what’s your favorite gaming mouse? Let us know in the comments.

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