DOUBLE DUTY- La Crosse Alarm Clock Charging Station for 2 phones!

DOUBLE DUTY- La Crosse Alarm Clock Charging Station for 2 phones!

So I was at my local Costco in Taiwan and found this La Crosse Alarm Clock Charging Station which goes for $35 USD or sale $20 on Amazon, 54 Canadian tokens and about 500 nt here. If you grab one, please use our affiliate links for
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There’s a space for 2 AAA batteries, not included, but it ships with an AC adapter, and that plugs in the side snugly and won’t fall out. And surprisingly the display looks as good as the sticker, which is unexpected and cool. There’s just two brightness levels, full, dim, or off. The display stays on the whole time.


La Crosse Alarm Clock Charging Station: Charging two phones worked well

The La Crosse Alarm Clock has alarm functionality, calendar display with day month and date, indoor temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius, humidity and left and right USB and battery indicators. The key feature of the unit is definitely the USB charging ports, which changes this to a useful charging station for two phones at the same time, and in the box is one USB to micro USB and lightning iPhone adapter which is strapped onto the micro USB end.

Charging two phones worked well, left port does 1 amp, the right is 1.5 amps, not enough to trigger fast charging on my phone though. It’s not a deal-breaker as usually it’ll be plugged in while you sleep… if you remember.


Setting the clock was ultra easy and is very intuitive

Top buttons are easy enough to press, though our Set button sits down slightly, and makes a bit of noise noise but it doesn’t affect functionality at all. The rest of La Crosse Alarm Clock’s build quality is surprisingly super solid, with no creaking at all. In your territory the included manual is likely in your language, ours is in Chinese though the display is only English or Spanish.

Fortunately we didn’t need it as setting the clock was ultra easy and is very intuitive, we figured out how to set everything in 2 minutes flat. Hold down Set for 2 seconds to get into the menu, where you can change language, beep, date time, temperature setting and snooze default, which goes up to 2 hours.

Same goes for alarm, pressing it shows alarm and again toggles on and off. Here or from main menu, holding Alarm for 2 seconds will set the alarm time, last setting is Type, whether it’s Single, Monday to Friday, or Weekend. Alarm button one more time shows the main screen and the alarm clock icon showing the alarm is set. There’s only one alarm.


Pressing Nap once turns it on, pressing again turns it off. If nap isn’t running, holding down Nap for 2 seconds allows you to set time, max is 2 hours, press nap to exit and it’s running. This unit has 2 AAA battery backup, on battery power alone, the backlight is always off, when you press a top button it will turn on for 10 seconds, before going off again. You can’t adjust the brightness setting on battery power.

Also, the battery compartment comes off with just a little force, otherwise staying in place well and acts as part of the stand of the unit. You can’t charge phones on battery power, just use a power bank.

For testing, I had it beside the bed for a week. I like a dark room, and at night, the display on normal was a bit bright for me, the dim setting worked really well. Visible from anywhere in the room, and I didn’t have to look hard for the charger end for my phone, so the short term results are great.


Save money on phone chargers with La Crosse’s Alarm Clock Charging Station

There’s a bunch of things to really like about this La Crosse Alarm Clock, first being price. I mean, a lot of phone chargers by themselves can cost as much as this clock. That you get a great working, across the room visible clock and charge station is awesome.

We haven’t had time to do long term testing, short term results are very promising, but looks good so far. The La Crosse Alarm Clock battery backup system is well done, and the A/C adapter cord really stays put and won’t fall out, so this is well thought out.

Overall, great little unit, these come and go on Amazon but if you happen to find it, buying through our affiliate links helps us out here, with no extra cost to you. To keep up with our latest releases don’t forget to give us a quick follow on social media, you can find us at techspinreview on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, too.

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