TRUTH on the Logitech G203 Lightsync gaming mouse… great? G102 2nd gen- Techspin Review

TRUTH on the Logitech G203 Lightsync gaming mouse… great? G102 2nd gen- Techspin Review

So the new Logitech G203 Lightsync or G102 second gen has a list price of 39.99 is the US, 35 pounds in the UK, 49.99 in Canada, and 699 nt in Taiwan. With a white and grey option also, these list prices are directly off the Logitech sites for each region because this mouse is so new, so expect online retailers to compete by knocking a couple of dollars off when it finally lists.

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The 6 programmable button Logitech G203 Lightsync improves on it’s predecessor with a better sensor, upgrading from 6000 to 8000 DPI, and adding three zone lighting to it’s RGB front surrounding lightbar.

Measuring 117 millimeters long by 62 wide and 38 mils high, the low-profile design is easy to hold for long sessions, working with claw and palm grips, and fitting larger hands. Primary left and right buttons have a metal spring tensioner exclusive to Logitech G which helps deliver a consistent clicking experience, and the finish doesn’t seem to attract fingerprints much.


Grippy matte sides make the mouse easy to grab

With a 2.1 meter or 6.9 foot non-braided USB cable that works on Windows 7 to 10 and higher, MacOS 10.10 or later, and Chrome OS, it’s equipped with a 32-bit ARM microprocessor and on-board memory. It’s also a lightweight mouse, coming in at just 85 grams or 2.1 ounces, middleweight for us starts at 95, heavyweight at 110. Very light for long gaming sessions. And just like the G203 Prodigy, the Logitech G203 Lightsync stays with a tried and true shape and it feels great in hand.

Grippy matte sides make the mouse easy to grab, and shiny black side buttons are responsive and very stable in the housing without any wobble.
Inside the box you get the Logitech G203 Lightsync in a padded logo bag, a thank you card, large sticker and warranty slip. For build, this mouse is super solid with zero flex or creaks, noise and the mouse buttons have a great feeling response, have a listen.

The top buttons are nicely responsive, with a good tactile feel and audible click, same goes for the side buttons, though small, they require the normal effort to hit and have a good sensation. The mouse wheel sticks out at a medium height, when scrolling the stops are well defined so you can go exactly the amount up or down that you want, and the wheel button needs a slightly firmer finger to depress. But man, that lighting accent does look stunning, one of the best looking mice to come through our studio in awhile.


Logitech M330 Silent (M331) Wireless… As quiet as a mouse

We found the lift-off distance for the sensor is about 2 millimeters from the pad until it loses tracking, really good for pro-gaming. We couldn’t make it spin out in game, either. Checking the bottom, the small feet on the mouse glide easily,/ and pretty smoothly due to the light weight.

Now the Logitech G203 Lightsync works with Logitech’s G-Hub software, we’ll throw the link in the description, just go to Downloads and look for the black G Hub circle. It’s a 35 meg download. We hit install, and after installation, we can drag the window to fill more desktop. Again, this software will be the exact same for the new Logitech G203 Lightsync, as in Taiwan, it’s being branded as the G102 Lightsync.


So, choosing the G102 Lightsync, first we have light effects, with 16.8 million colors to select, with presets Fixed, Cycle, Breathing, Color Wave, Color Blend, Screen Sampler and you can set the sample area position and boost color at the bottom, and audio visualizer.

Next tab is Freestyle, where you can set each of the three zones to the color you want. Note that each of the three colors splash the center logo.
Last tab here is Animations, there’s a red white and blue and verticool built in, and you can add your own also, choosing the cycle and speed.

Assigning buttons is super easy, for example, let’s change the forward or G5 button to open the emoji panel. It works right away. And it’s easy to put it back to default. Each one of these sections is collapsible, and you can also search for the command you want. In Keys, it shows the whole list, importantly, up to F24 so you can have custom keys on your mouse you don’t have anywhere else.

Next up is actions, with support for Overwolf, Discord and installed, OBS. Macros allows you to perform no repeat, repeat while holding, toggle, and sequence. Last tab is System, and you can assign various functions to buttons here also. Bottom menu item is Sensitivity, where you can see your four DPI speeds. The Report rate is also known as polling rate, and you can down clock it if you choose. The DPI scales up by 50 all the way to 8000 and down as low as 200, so you can set your own targets.


Assigning buttons is super easy

Top right is the Lightsync settings, and there’s a startup effect you can enable, seems to flash colors once then go straight to your setting. On-board memory mode allows you to take your profile with you wherever you go. One super awesome thing we found super awesome is this DPI shift feature, basically, you just assign it to the key you want, here we did the back key. Then, you can hold it to toggle to a different DPI.

This may be really useful if you’re doing sniping and want even finer control. Very cool feature.

So the Logitech G203 Lightsync really provides a lot of options you can tailor to your own gaming style for just $40. You can just plug it in and go, but if you grab the software you get programmable keys and macros, DPI customization, lighting effects, and a lot more.

We’re seeing reports that the mouse is now a bit lighter than it’s predecessor, the G203 Prodigy, and this Lightsync also offers an upgraded sensor too, with RGB zone lighting. Lighter mice tend to perform better in fast games like first person shooters, and your wrist wont tire much after long sessions.

With a sleek, tested design with tremendous performance and really gorgeous lighting, we definitely recommend picking up one of these to kick your gaming up a notch. We liked the three zone lighting which can do some cool effects with very smooth color blending, and of course, all delivered with Logitech’s known product reliability. And if you’re left-handed, it still fits well, with the top side button still kind of accessible if you squeeze the mouse a bit.


Tailor your Logitech G203 Lightsync gaming mouse for just $40

Things that could be improved is a fairly short list, as Logitech got a lot right here, but I’d say a braided cord would be a nice addition. Also the small feet do raise a little concern for us, though with the light weight, maybe less contact will mean less friction, time will tell.

Using the GHub software was easy and intuitive, though maybe a couple of screens could be combined or just in the main menu instead, though overall, setting up keys and RGB was a snap.

One of the things we’d addressed at the beginning of the video is having different model numbers for different markets. While Logitech has teams for marketing, and we’re just a few people who love tech, searching for this as a consumer could still be frustrating if it’s listed differently. We’re recommending to Logitech to think globally, and use the same numbering across territories. This of course helps us, as people are searching for the same terms on YouTube, but also really helps the consumer as more reviews and results will come up for the same item. And we always like easier for the consumer!

Now the original G203 Prodigy is still a gaming favorite, and new models of course mean that the older version is getting discounted, and we found them online right now for around 10 bucks off. So you have your pick of new and lighter with more precise sensor and cooler RGB, or a really great price on a heavily recommended older model. If you decide to up your game, buying through our affiliate links will help us out here, with no extra cost to you.

If you’re shopping around, we’ll throw the link up here for the keyboards and mice we reviewed, and we have more to come this month! What do you think, do you wanna see this as a giveaway in a future contest?

Following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will keep you in the loop when we announce new episodes, contests and winners, and you can see some behind the scenes stuff too. And thanks again to Logitech for sending the G203 Lightsync over for review.

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