HOW GOOD are Logitech Z313’s $30 speakers? Shaking bass…

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Tired of your crackle-y old worn out speakers? Can you get premium sound for just 30 bucks? No, no you can’t, sorry. But what kind of sound CAN you get for $30 bucks? We’re checking out the Logitech Z313 speaker bundle today!

So the Logitech Z313 Speaker is a 2 desk speaker and subwoofer bundle that recently went down in price from $40 to just $30 dollars on Amazon, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but want bang for your buck and pretty great sound considering the price, you’ve come to the right place. With all audio in the sub $100 dollar range, what you pay really tends to be what you get, so is this set any good or did Logitech blow the whole budget on the construction? We’ll find out on today’s review!

The Logitech Z313 delivered great sound at this price point

So I’m a long time user of Logitech, and what I usually get from their products is pretty awesome quality for an affordable price. I’ve been rocking the two of the venerable X-540 5.1 surround setups from them for -years- now, 70 watts RMS with 140 watt peak power, and these things get me noise complaints from the neighbors.

Logitech’s budget offerings seem to get less raw power as the include better performing amplifiers in their pricier systems, but considering I got the X-540 for over $100 bucks and this set is just $30 but with 25 watts RMS, 50 watts peak power, well, that’s a third of the power with 100 bucks still in your pocket. And there’s links up top if you decide to pick up a set, you can help support us here at Techspin by using our affiliate links to buy, it’ll help us out here a bit with no extra cost to you.

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HOW GOOD are Logitech Z313's $30 speakers? Shaking bass...

It’s easy to find poor sounding low priced speakers, but with the Logitech Z313 Speakers they’ve delivered especially great sounding speakers at this price point, and I think this is the first budget tier set that people who want fairly good gaming, music and movie sound will enjoy.

Logitech made taking the subwoofer out of the box easier at it comes in a plastic bag, it broke on the second take, but it was still easier to take the sub out. Setting up the system is super easy, Logitech says just two minutes, plugging the satellite speakers into the subwoofer the audio jack into your computer, plug in the power and go.

The subwoofer is 16cm wide by 22cm high and 22cm deep, delivering 15 watts RMS power, 30 peak, and it’s a 4.5 inch woofer with a 3 inch cone. The box has a 1 inch port for deeper bass response, and the power and control pod cables both measure 165cm or almost 5 and a half feet.

Logitech Z313 specs and features

The satellites measure 9 centimeters wide by 15 tall and 8 deep, and the 2 inch full range drivers with inch and a half cones do 5 watts RMS or 10 watts peak power. They have 180cm or about 6 feet of cable to the shared jack, for over 11 feet of separation if needed.

Sound quality of the Logitech Z313 Speakers is the best you’re going to find in this price range, and music sounded pretty good all things considered. Doing a bit of Fortnite, sound was detailed and certainly loud enough… this tiny system puts out a lot of power, and will likely get you noise complaints if you live in a small or thin walled apartment.

From noaudiophile.com, they report there’s no traditional crossover, instead splitting the sound between sub and satellites at 250Hz using an active crossover in the plate amp. And they noted a large drop between the 400 to 900 hertz range which is noticeable in some vocals, which I confirmed when listening to this 2.1 system.

Adjusting the sound is easy with the control pod, which attaches to the woofer with a 173cm or 5 and a half foot cable, and the same length audio jack to plug into your source.

It’s long so you can put it wherever you need on your desk or by your keyboard, which saves moving your hand way over to the speaker when the female in your house tells you to turn down the explosions.

The Logitech Z313 Speakers control pod has a power button along with the somewhat stiff volume control and headphone jack, and I find myself missing the two-finger adjustable knob from the X-540, love that thing.

Indeed, setting up the Logitech Z313 Speakers took under 2 minutes, however unwrapping the taped plastic cabling carefully took 5 more. So after a bunch of music testing, we found the volume went up smoothly and linearly, with the bass matching the increase steadily. And there wasn’t any cheap volume static or dropping of volume in one channel, very good. These do get pretty loud while keeping their sound quality “as it is” until almost max.

And while no audiophile.com compared the sound reproduction for audiophiles, -we- know at the 30 to 40 dollar range, they are out of their Vulcan minds. ‘Cause you’re either buying this because you want a step up above tinny pod speakers with better volume, or your space allows for bigger than pod speakers but perhaps not your budget.

Being a DJ slash audiophile myself, I know that often testing two systems, the louder source will sound better, but I’m not confusing loudness with accurate sound reproduction.

We actually picked these up to give Irene better sound at her computer, as she’s using this beautiful Acer HA270 white IPS panel, though the 2 watt speakers are -really- quiet even with everything maxed.

Logitech Z313 testing

At Techspin we tend to pick and review products which are good value for the money, so before picking the these up, I did in-store testing of the cheaper Logitech models, the Logitech Z130 5 watt RMS at 20 bucks, and the Z200 stereo speakers 5 watts RMS total also at 20 bucks, and yes, they produce sound. But what a -huge- leap up in fidelity and loudness, and we’re awarding the Logitech Z313 Speakers a Techspin Power award, for great features at a very awesome price.

Now the Logitech Z313 Speakers have a built-in large bass gain, and also a light to moderate treble EQ that’s not adjustable, but it’s reasonably EQ’d up. It won’t please purists, but the 10 dollar step up in sound fidelity and loudness is amazing, you can feel the bass pretty well and songs sound pretty darn good.

I like to put satellites up at ear level, but testing in a few spots they almost sounded better on the desk, with the added small sonic reflections. And the subwoofer box is tuned alright, giving a decent punch through the lower range of bass. I’m a big fan of the down-firing design, hidden from errant kicks under your table or sinister children.

When placing your subwoofer, I always recommend positioning it far away from your tower, the sub has a magnet and you don’t want any issues with your components, especially magnetic hard drives.

The Logitech Z313 is decent value

While the Logitech Z313 Speakers are pretty amazing for the price, there are a couple of areas to improve, like the volume wheel needs a full hand to grab and adjust instead of a couple of fingers, and the sound reproduction has a noticeable drop in the 400 to 900 hertz range, which does change the overall sound and impacts some vocals.

Detachable cables are always much easier to wire up, but with long enough cables there’s no need to buy extension wires to fit your gaming setup. There’s several monitors I’ve reviewed without speakers recently, and for decent sound, these would be the cheapest, best set I would recommend.

Comparing them to my X-540s, this venerable, over a hundred dollar system of course sounds clearer with better frequency response, but since the Logitech Z313 Speakers are a third of the price, you can’t really complain for the sound you can get from these. A current similar offering would be the Logitech Z606 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System, with a higher 160 Watts Peak/80 Watts RMS power, and can be found around 100 dollars US, 90 pounds in the UK, and 170 Canadian.

There are much higher-priced speakers with better frequency response, but unless you want to pay double or triple the amount, this is the best deal in sound at this price. Now we want to hear your ideas, what do you think of these Logitech Z313 Speakers, and what do you prefer for gaming, stereo 2.0, 2.1 or 5.1 speaker setups? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. And don’t forget to connect with us online, join us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

What speakers are you using right now? Is there a set you’ve got your eye on? And, if you find a good deal on Amazon or Ebay, let us and our viewers know, that’d be great! Please take a second to hit Like, subscribe, the bell, and we often reply to your feedback so if you have a question, fire away. We really appreciate you reading this far, thanks for your time, and we’ll see you on the next.

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