AMAZING Logitech MK470, MK315 & more; Techspin MEGA review

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Welcome to our Logitech MK470, MK315 wireless combo MEGA REVIEW. Starting off we have the Logitech MK315 Quiet, which is the K235 keyboard with the M330 mouse. This retails for 40 bucks American, about 40 pounds, under 60 Canadian bills, 950nt in Taiwan for the combo.

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The Logitech K235 keyboard has a spill resistant design with low-profile keys, and 15 function keys. Inside the Logitech MK315 box you get the M330c mouse, the Nano USB receiver, a pack of three Duracell OEM batteries, and the MK235 keyboard./ Batteries are quoted as lasting 36 months for the keyboard, and 24 months for the mouse.

The K235 is 43.6 cm wide by 13.8 deep, and just under 21 millimeters high, and weighs in at 475 grams including the batteries. Build quality is okay with flex and a little creaking.

AMAZING Logitech MK470, MK315 & more; Techspin MEGA review

Logitech MK315 keyboard mouse combo: full, decent feel

For this Logitech MK315 wireless keyboard, the power switch has been removed. Full sized keys have a decent enough feel for a membrane type keyboard. At the top, the Function keys double as media keys, with assignments from F1 through F12.

Two feet provide a height adjustment from 2 to 8 degrees. And the K235 uses two AAA batteries, with a sliding cover to close the compartment. Here’s the typing test for the K235. This Nano USB receiver is the non-unifying 2.4 Gigahertz type, with a quoted range of 10 meters. We tried a quick test around the studio and didn’t have any issues.

Tracking is decent for the Logitech m330 Silent Plus, very usable and no problems. If your gaming mouse has issues, you can still help your team with this one, though probably not making leader-boards. The mouse included in this bundle costs about 20 dollars separately so you do save a few dollars getting the combo, and have just one receiver to plug in.

The M330 should be also the B330 in different regions, as it has the exact same specs. Now the M330 no-c looks exactly the same as the M331 with a shell design upgrade, but the M331 has a noisy scroll wheel. If you have a M330 no-C, please let us know if you have the noisy or quiet scroll wheel. And we’ll show you comparison tests later.

Also sold separately for about 25 dollars, the M330c is 10.5cm long by 6.7 wide, and 3.8 high. With battery, it weighs 91 grams, almost into middleweight territory for mice, which we consider to start about 95 grams.


Logitech MK315’s mouse is quiet

Logitech says the M330 has 1000 DPI High Precision Optical Tracking. Made for right-handed users, the top is one-piece matte finish with gloss trim. The plastic sides have slightly less grip than the 331, with a simple dot pattern that tapers off near the front of the mouse.

The bottom has a large pad at the bottom, and two tiny pads up top for gliding. Here’s the battery compartment which takes one double-A battery, and the spot for storing the Nano when traveling. We did some test slides, it glides pretty well.

Turning on the power you get a green light on the top, which goes off after 10 seconds.It has some really nice quiet clicking on both buttons… and the scroll wheel is quiet with a quiet click also.


Logitech MK235 keyboard mouse combo: cheap wireless set

So the MK315 is the K235 keyboard and M330 mouse. The newer Logitech MK235 combo has the K235 keyboard and a different mouse, the M171. Killing two birds with a social distanced stone, the MK235 keyboard is the same, so we ran out and grabbed a Logitech M171 to cover this configuration.

Note the bundled mouse is gray, not this blue. Since we bought it separately, we had a choice of black, blue or red, looks like the gray only is shipped with the bundle. The M171’s solo price is just under 15 bucks US.

The MK235 combo is priced at 30 us dollars, 25 pounds, 41 Canadian, and 600nt in Taiwan for the set. Since we covered the MK235 already, let’s move on to the M171.


The m171 is 9.8 cm long by 6.2 wide, and 35 mm high. With 1000 DPI using 2.4 gigahertz, it weighs 71 grams including battery, so we’re talking ultra-lightweight here. It has a symmetrical design which can be used for either left or right handed usage.

The M171 is good for smaller sized hands, and has a solid one-piece top construction, with Advanced optical tracking though no DPI listed, and a 12 month battery life.

The tiny triangle design actually provides fairly good grip/ on the matte plastic panels that make up the sides.The bottom has a smaller bottom pad left to right due to the reduced size, top pads are the same size as the m330.

The battery compartment houses a double-A battery with a Nano storage spot. On to slide tests. The m171 appears to slide better or more, but that’s simply due to the reduced weight. Turning on the power…. there’s no light up top.

We had no problems with the m171, we found it tracked pretty well and when playing some easy games, it functioned fairly well. With a symmetrical design, the trade off is that the grip isn’t as form fitting, though good for lefties or ambit-mousers like me since developed RSIs in my right, working 12 to 14 hour days doing tech support way back when. And for 5 dollars less, you don’t get the silent features, so it has a pretty typical sound.


Logitech MK470 keyboard mouse combo: thin minimal design

Moving on in our Logitech MK470 wireless combo MEGA REVIEW. Next we have the Logitech MK470 Slim Wireless Combo. This refined looking set comes in both in graphite, and the white version we have here. The MK470 at time of production goes for 50 dollars US, 50 pounds in the U.K., 60 Canadian, and 1490nt in Taiwan.

If you grab the Logitech MK470, please use our affiliate links for
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The K470 has a thin minimal design which looks and feels great taking it out of the box. The K470 is 37.4 cm wide by 14.4 deep, and just over 21 millimeters high, and weighs in at 558 grams including the batteries. Standing the box up for the camera is easy because the box has an unorthodox top opening design. Inside is the mouse, receiver and keyboard.

The batteries come per-installed and are an easy pull-out tab to get you up and running quickly, with 36 months quoted for the keyboard, and 18 months for the mouse. It looks like Logitech has ended the age-old debate as to whether you need to power off your wireless keyboard… by removing it completely. And the Nano receiver has a quoted range of 10 meters, again, no issues around the studio with usage over distance.

Logitech MK470 has a great feel

The Logitech MK470’s keyboard design has full-sized chick-let keys with a reduced footprint due to the home/end and page keys going above the keypad, and the arrows in a rectangle below right-shift. Build quality is very good with barely any flex, and no creaking.

On the back there’s only a bump to accommodate electronics and batteries, raising the keyboard slightly. Pads on the bottom really grip the desk very well, it won’t slide around easily.

Media keys are integrated into the top Function F1 to F12 keys. The K470’s sliding top covers two AAA batteries, with a spot here to store the non-unifying Nano receiver. The attention to detail on the cover provides rigidity when this could be flimsy. Well done here. Listen to the sound of the quiet chicklet keys.


Logitech MK470’s Pebble mouse is futuristic

Moving on to the Logitech MK470’s mouse, Logitech also sells this individually as the Pebble Wireless Mouse M350 which comes in black, white, or pink, and for you girl gamers, that is the Logitech K380 and Logitech Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse Pink Rose. The Logitech Pebble M350 wireless sells separately for 30 dollars US, 25 pounds in the UK, 40 Canadian rubles, and in Taiwan, 700nt.

Measuring 10.7 centimeters long by 6 wide and 27 millimeters high, its 100 grams which is firmly in middleweight territory. The rounded sides are untextured and have slightly grippy plastic. The bottom sports rounded pads and one-piece construction, showcasing the sensor and the power switch. The pads handle the 100 gram weight pretty well.

With the one-piece bottom, access to the battery is through the top, which is held on by three tiny magnets. Inside there’s a spot for the NanoUSB, and there’s no power LED. The top clicks back on when done.

Using the Pebble was actually kinda fun, this futuristic looking mouse has a different feel to it due to it being a bit flatter and narrower than other mice tested. No issues to report with usage and we found the mouse tracked well on-screen.

Here we have our first ever mega test, starting with keyboards. We’re including the entry-level K120, nothing wrong with having a sub 10 dollar keyboard for emergencies, and it’s saved my life a few times, until I got my last wireless combo set, the MK270. Let’s start, and first up is flex.

So the Logitech MK470 is really the winner here if you want a quiet wireless keyboard with great build quality and a beautifully designed minimal keyboard and mouse. The extra weight really is a great trade off for a better build, just slightly more to carry but a much more refined and sturdy keyboard. If you don’t have the budget but absolutely need quiet, get the Logitech MK315 combo. The MK235 has the quiet keyboard, but the mouse is not.


I’ve been a fan of Logitech products for a long time, a trusted name for a reason, as their products last a long time, even entry-level ones. Of course they need to update their product lines over the years, and while its true there may not be much innovation to be had in the realm of keyboards and mice, quiet features are a tangible benefit to consumers and to offer this in a slick cool package which is wireless is pretty awesome.

One thing Logitech needs to address is build quality on the K235, you’d certainly expect a higher level keyboard to not be creaky compared to its 10 dollar counterpart. And although Logitech needs to offer different layouts and colors for different regions, we hope they can standardize its product numbering across regions, as doing research for this episode was challenging enough as a product reviewer, as a consumer with global search results, it can be really confusing.

We received questions on the channel like, are the m330 and 331 the same? Why can’t I buy red or blue in my region? Are the b330 and m330 the same? So please, Logitech, make it easier for consumers so find the same colors, the same numbers, the same products globally. If you pick one up, shopping through our affiliate links will help us here with no extra cost to you. And follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at techspinreview.

For a different kind of offering, if you are more interested in a great gaming keyboard combo going for 15 dollars higher, we’ll throw the link up here for the HyperX Alloy Core and we just reviewed, which has gaming level performance and RGB without the wireless and quiet features we saw today. Please take a second to hit Like, subscribe, the bell, and we often reply to your feedback. We really appreciate you watching this far, thanks for your time, and we’ll see you on the next. Bye for now.

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