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Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T case: PERFECT for long GPUs

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We’re a big fan of white case designs, and we’ve got a Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T case to check out today. We asked Sharkoon if they had any white cases and they sent it over for us to review. It has both white and black versions available, with a bunch of ARGB fans included. It also supports standard ATX, large E-ATX, and smaller too.

As with all cases, we’ll test airflow, case noise, ease of installation and building. At Techspin, we bring you honest testing and opinions about new hardware, so you can decide what fits your needs.

We’ll answer all those, and if you decide to grab a Sharkoon CA300T case, buying through our affiliate links below does help us, so thanks for that. And let us know what you’re thinking of building in here. Tell us down in the comments. We’ll throw the link here for the other case we recently checked out from Sharkoon, the Rev 200, which is an inverted case, and that case was very interesting with some great features.

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Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T case key points

The Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T case has a cool looking patterned front allowing the ring-lit ARGB fans to shine through, 2 tempered glass sides, built-in GPU support, an ARGB illuminated side panel I/O panel, triple air filters, and a large hinged rear cable compartment.

With 4 included ARGB fans, and front panel dual USB 3 and Type-C connectors, building in the case was fairly easy, and lots of good airflow and low noise makes this a solid choice and appealing centerpiece for your workspace.

The Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T case released at the beginning of November 2020, so pricing for the case isn’t out in all regions, but looks like it’s going for 4000nt here in Taiwan, roughly 140 USD, the Amazon links we’ll have will likely be for search results only.

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Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T case: PERFECT for long GPUs

With both black and white versions, key features are the dual tempered glass sides with 4 ARGB fans and a nicely illuminated top left I/O. With 16.5cm space for CPU air coolers, it also handles long GPUs easily, up to 40 or 42.5cm long so there’s no issues with a new RTX 30 series card going in here.

Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T features

Measuring 51 centimeters long by 24 wide and 52 high, it weighs in at 14.7 kilograms, that’s just under 32 and a half pounds. Inside the box the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T case has a canvas type wrap instead of plastic, good for the environment, and the chassis comes with an accessory box with marked screw bags and Velcro cable ties. // Dimensions (L x W x H): 50.5 x 23.5 x 52.0 cm

This ATX sized case supports E-ATX, Mini, and Micro-ATX, as well as Mini-ITX. The motherboard tray has 3 rubber grommets for the main wiring, a large 18 cm by 14 cm cutout for CPU cooler installation, with cutouts for CPU ATX power and bottom wiring. There’s pre-installed ATX standoffs, but always double check standoff placement on your motherboard to make sure it doesn’t go in a marked off area.

The front has 3 pre-installed ARGB fans, and the panel accepts radiators up to 420mm with 5.7cm clearance. The top can handle 360mm rads with 6 centimeters space there, and the rear has 8 slots and space for a 120 mil fan, an ARGB already there, the 3-pin DC fans work with MSI Mystic Light, ASUS Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and ASRock Polychrome Sync.


Front panel construction on the Sharkoon CA300T

The vertical shroud covers 3 rubber grommets, but can be re-positioned 2.5cm to the right or removed, and the shroud has a built in GPU support bracket which we really like. The support can move to the other spot 1.5 centimeters right, vertical travel is 6.5cm, there’s three mounting holes for the support arm which swivels freely, and can slide in and out. This is super adjustable, very impressive.

There’s a dual slot vertical GPU mount, and Sharkoon offers an optional Vertical Graphics Card Kit that’s a 28 cm PCIe 3.0 riser cable with a holder that screws onto the mount, all included. We didn’t grab that but we test fitted an MSI RTX 2080 Super Gaming X Trio which did easily fit, though there’s about 5 millimeters clearance between the card and glass.

Those seeking the best temps without GPU water cooling know that having a GPU really close to the glass in any case is bad for airflow and cooling, but those with smaller one-and-a-half or one-slot height GPUs should be able to use this area without problem.

Speaking of the Sharkoon CA300T’s front, it doesn’t come off by pulling, as this case has a unique design so you’ll need to unscrew 3 screws on this small side cover, then six screws hold the front on. The front is kinda heavy so I can see why they went this route, but it makes fan readjustment and air filter cleaning harder.

Long GPU’s no problem in the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T

However there’s enough room to fit all fans up front here, so a push-pull rad setup still leaves plenty of room for long GPUs, nice design work here. The Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T’s tethered front wiring to the top left I/O panel is pretty easily pulled out, so you can lie the front down somewhere, avoiding any damage.

On that note, the front filter is screwed to the front, but using a hairdryer and a 1 inch clean paint brush on the outside you can avoid disassembling the front. Luckily the top filter is magnetic so that will be easy to clean, and the bottom filter slides out from the left side, this is constructed really well and covers the whole bottom, which comes with rubber feet.

With 4 hard drive mounts, we prefer the two hard drive bays in the PSU area over the two rear motherboard hard drive spots, as there’s only about two millimeters clearance to glass. You could mount one in the middle here, but spinning hard drives get hot, and without a direct fan on it, we wouldn’t mount on the right or do two hard drives here, but one hard drive one SSD will be fine.

For SSDs we saw 4 spots already, and this case can handle seven total. The top of the riveted-in PSU cover has two SSD sleds and one Cooling Pump/SSD mount combo plate, which has 4 thumb screws.


I/O panel, TG panel, ARGB on the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T

The Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T’s I/O panel has a power button, RGB switch button, dual USB 3 and a USB Type-C, and HD audio jacks, which are all ring-lit with ARGB and wired into the rear controller. The RGB switch can control case lighting if your motherboard doesn’t have the 2-space-1 ARGB headers.

This case adopts the drop-in tempered glass side panel design we’ve seen recently, making glass installation pretty easy. Just locate the top panel’s captive thumb screws at the back, and the panel slides back, giving access to both 3 mil thick glass panels., which measure 45.4 centimeters wide by 48.6 high.

The ARGB controller is located at the top inside the rear wiring cover, an 8 port splitter and 5 are taken with fans and I/O panel, with wires for SATA power, front switch and ARGB to motherboard. Positioning here is good, taking all this wiring out of the way of the main components. Wiring behind the motherboard tray to glass clearance is 3.6 centimeters, very generous and cable management was a breeze.

The power supply area takes up to 24 centimeter long PSUs, a standard size will have no issue; with a modular supply, build with it just outside the area, then install at the end. Sound levels were measured at a 0.5 meter distance, great with this Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T case, it was quiet, measuring an average of 37.2 decibels, very good.

For this build we used MSI’s Z490 Unity with an Intel i5-10600 in the new LGA-1200 socket, and cooling was handled with an MSI CoreLiquid 240R AIO. 32 gigs of HyperX Predator RGB DDR4 at 3200 megahertz is our memory, and storage is a Kingston A2000 PCIe 500 gig m.2 drive and Seagate Ironwolf 6TB NAS hard drive. Building in this case was good, as the interior is big with lots of room to work. It still could be a little easier and have more versatility with a removable PSU cover, but with it riveted to the motherboard tray it’s just a little easier than normal.

And the CPU power cutout is okay, a dual 8-pin in a cable comb just made it through with 2 mils on the sides to spare. We had a small issue with the fan power cable length, the top front fan wouldn’t reach the closest bottom header on the motherboard, so we opted for the header near the 24pin. An extra 10 to 15 centimeters for fan cable length would reach this easily. The Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T case was great to work in, and looks pretty awesome.


Building in the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T is really easy

We were impressed with the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T case, its’ cavernous interior made building a snap, and with USB 3 and Type-C ARGB lit front I/O, it can accommodate very long GPUs too, with Mini-ITX to E-ATX board support, so lots of possibilities here. If you’re looking to grab a case with an interesting front, with lots of room and options, this is a great pick for about 140USD.

A well ventilated direct through front means good airflow through the case, and three case filters are great, the bottom is the easiest to clean, which is useful. The top requires a quick rear unscrew and slides off for cleaning, however the front filter isn’t removable; not a deal-breaker though as most cleaning we do anyways involves a hair dryer inside aimed through the front with a clean paintbrush to help dust.

The ARGB fans look great along with the front I/O, buttons feel decent. The overall construction was solid and the rear hinged cable cover was actually useful, and the high-mounted RGB controller made sorting ARGB cabling easier. Top AIO mounting in the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T case is a snap, and CPU air coolers have lots of clearance and rear access, and the four ARGB fans and side I/O lighting really make the case pop, plus if you get it in white, the white reflects and fills the case with color, really stunning.

Overall this is a really spacious case that’s pretty easy to build in, though there’s a couple of things for improvement- we’d like slightly longer fan power wiring also ditching Molex connectors; slightly longer screws to attach the slightly difficult front panel. We’d like to see an additional reset button on the front I/O, though with new motherboards controlling ARGB, you could repurpose the RGB switch to reset.

Installing the PSU is a bit harder due to the bottom right raised area, though because the bottom panel curl is so flat, that’s likely needed for structural integrity. Still, having a flat bottom edge or slightly taller space here would make PSU installs easier.

The CA300T has a built in GPU support, a little tricky to use

Last, the GPU support- great inclusion, but it’s a bit challenging to use. The height screws are hidden, so you can’t vertically adjust it without removing the whole cover. An easy fix would be a small rectangular plate behind the rails you’d screw into from the front. The slide bar thumbscrew is adjusted from the top by default but with newer long GPUs this is blocked by the card, though you could switch it upside down for access.

The wiring shroud cover is actually difficult to put back on, as it floats and the screw holes aren’t centered in their tabs. Still, this was easier and much more secure than a third-party option that uses pressure to hold in place, and this is the straightest long GPU we’ve seen in a case so far!

Overall the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T is a really amazing case, with dual 360 mil rad mounting spots in a large open build space. Apart from some small quibbles, we appreciate the design and if you have a little patience for the GPU support, it’s going to be a great performer for you.


If you decide to pick up this case, using our affiliate links below will help us here with no extra cost to you. And follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at techspinreview. You can also check our reviews at techspinreview.com. We have more case, hardware and tech reviews on the channel so be sure to check those out too. Thanks to Sharkoon for sending us this Elite Shark CA300T, and we’re looking forward to seeing more innovative case designs from them.

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