UNIQUE MSI Sekira 100R ARGB- TG x ARGB done right?

MSI Sekira 100R's front design is unique and has both ARGB elements as well as a nice brushed-looking finish, the triple filtered design with wire-free front panel and options, it's good for a compact mid-tower.

MSI Z490 Ace- Reliable VRM, benchmark

The MSI Z490 Ace is an enthusiast offering, notably best-in-tier VRM solution perfect for overclocking, and features like steel armor for all slots, SLI and crossfire capable, Lightning 20G USB and chest armor, a very good choice for motherboard.

GREAT performance? MSI Clutch GM30 gaming mouse

The MSI Clutch GM30 offers excellent performance in this slightly longer, low profile 6 button gaming mouse. We liked the gaming performance, and the U-shaped RGB accent is unique and looks good.